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Conveyor Belt Blasting Machine, Automated Sandblasting System

Specially designed for processing flat shaped workpieces such as: aluminum plate, glass plates, steel plate, steel tubes, etc Widely used for cleaning contaminants, etching or decorating, removing rust and old coatings.

Conveyor Belt Blasting Machine, Automated Sandblasting System

The through-conveyor system allows components continuously to be presented to an array of automatic blast guns for surface treatment, as parts are conveyed on an adjustable-speed belt. The oscillated working of automatic blasting guns ensures the products are finished entirely and uniformly with great efficiency, suitable for big volume production.

automatic conveyor sandblasting machine   automatic sandblaster

Conveyor Belt Blasting Machine Features

1. The belt conveyor speed can be steplessly regulated by the inverter based on actual needs.

2. The quantity of blasting guns can be configured 8pcs, 12 pcs, 16 pcs or more,  Nozzles in wear-resistant boron carbide material.

3. Automatic blast guns can be controlled with adjustable swinging speed and angle, in order to cover more surface area.

4. Using advanced PLC controls the blasting process achieves high automation and stability, low failure rate.

5. Independent filter dust collector, powerfully remove dust, keeps the working chamber dustless and increases abrasive recyling rate.

automatic sandblasting machine
Automatic Blasting Guns
PLC Control System
Sandblasting Dust Collector
Dust Collector

Conveyor Belt Blasting Machine Specifications

Type: Pass Though Conveyor Type
Model: KF-6010-10A
Machine dimensions: Length3200 * Width1400 * Height2400 mm
Working Space size: Length1000 * Width1300 * Height1000 mm
Through Size Length800 * Width300 mm
Dust collector size: Length1200 * Width700 * Height1900mm
Dust Collector Filter Qty 6pcs
Dust fan motor power: 5.5kw
Blast gun swing motor: 370W 380V 50HZ
Lighting: 18W fluorescent lamps, 2pcs
The number of  blast nozzles: 10pcs ( boron carbide nozzle)
Machine Shell: 2.5mm-6mm cold-rolled steel plate welded
Perspective window: 2 frames
Abrasive funnel 3pcs
Pressure 5-8 bar (kg / cm2)
Air compressor 6.8 cubic meter
Conveyor loading capacity: 300 kg
Total power: 8.8KW
Total weight: 1.55 tons

How automatic conveyor sandblaster works?

The operators put or fix the workpiece on the conveyor belt, when the workpiece is transported into the sandblasting chamber, a certain quanlity of suction-blast guns sweep the workparts synchronized with continuous movement of the belt. After blasting, the workparts comes out from the other side of the conveyor to be discharged.