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Wheel Rim Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

The alloy wheel is placed in the shot blasting machine chamber where the process is fully automatic and can be controlled by a timer. Each finishing circle allows one piece alloy wheel blasted but only takes 3-5 minutes.

Wheel Rim Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

The automated labour-saving shot blasting system works much quicker and cleaner for wheel surface treatment, giving it a roughness for good adhesion to get perfect painting or coating layers

rim shot blasting machine

wheel shot blasting machine

Wheel Shot Blasting Machine Configurations

  • It works through a high-speed rotating impeller to throw out steel shots in high speed and high flow, thus creates more forceful impact to surface.

  • The specially designed shot blasting chamber for holding alloy wheel consists of protetive bracket,  and rollers for continuous wheel rolling, ensures thorough cleaning.

  • Equipped with elevator works through belt to scrape the wasted blasting shots at the bottom then feeds the shots to the top for recycling

  • Configured with filter cartridge dust collector for dust removing, dust removal efficiency is up to 99.5%, which ensures clean working environment.

  • The advanced PLC electric control system gives operator an easy interface to control the shot blasting process. It is convenient for debugging and monitoring the performance and operation status.


Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Machine Specifications

Working Chamber Size L1300*W1300*H780mm
Footprint Size L1720*W3658*H2265mm
Suitable wheel size: Diameter700mm * Thickness500mm (Or smaller)
Control System PLC
Rotating Speed of Rollers: Adjustable
Shot Blasting Speed
Dust Collector Type: Anti-flame filters
Power Supply:

Impeller head power:

Fan motor power: 2.2KW
Shot drive power: 1.5KW
Elevator system power: 2.2KW