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Multi-turntable Automatic Rotary Sandblasting System

Specially designed for processing cydlindrical shapes, such as cooking pan, axles, cups, bottles, lampshade, etc. The indexing table intermittently rotates to present the workparts to the automatic blast guns for processing, achieving high efficiency with consistent quality results.
  • KF-1512-8A

Multi-turntable Automatic Rotary Sandblasting System

Designed with an indexing table fitted with multi evenly spaced small turntables, presenting workparts to the front of blast gun for automatic processing. It achieves batch production with consistent quality, suited for identical small- and medium-sized parts especially in cydlindrical shapes.

automatic sandblasting system

How Automatic Rotary Blasting System Works?

  • The front opening station allows the operator to discharge treated parts and load being treated parts on the small turntables with custom fixtures.

  • The waiting station acts as a dust barrier between the operator and the sandblasting station.

  • The sandblasting station is where the parts are exposed to an automatic blast stream.

  • The air cleaning station is equipped with dust-off nozzles which remove any remaining dust and abrasivesfrom parts before unloading.

Automatic Rotary Sand Blasting Machine Features

  • Precisely presenting parts on turntables to the blast gun ensures predictive and repetitive process quality.

  • The quantity of blasting guns can be configured 8pcs, 12 pcs, 16 pcs or more,  Nozzles in wear-resistant boron carbide material.

  • The blasting guns can be set for fixing or swinging working to suits different shapes of workparts.

  • Using advanced PLC controls the blasting process achieves high automation and stability, low failure rate.

  • Cyclonic separation of contaminated abrasive media for optimal performance – dust and by-products are diverted to the filter dust collector.

  • Independent filter dust collector, powerfully remove dust, keeps the working chamber dustless and increases abrasive recyling rate.

MLF04109 - 副本
PLC Control
PLC Control System
Sandblasting Dust Collector
Dust Collector

Automatic Rotary Blasting Machine Specifications

Model: KF-1512-8A
Main Dimension 1500x1200x2000mm
Dust Collector Size 1200x1200x1700mm
Large Turntable Size Dia 900mm
Drive Motor Power 1.1kw
Qty of Small Turntables 8 sets
Drive Motor Power 0.75kw
Max. Size of Parts Allowed Dia 250mm x Height 350mm
Qty of Blast Guns 8 pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Durable Boron Carbide
Power Supply 380V/220V As required
Separator Motor 5.5kw
Compressed Air Source 2-8bar (kg / cm2)