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Automatic Turntable Sand Blasting Cabinet

Specially for surface treatment of irregular round shape snd heavy workparts, such as alloy wheels, moulds, motors, saving labor and increase finishing consistency.
  • KF-1212-4A

  • Kafan


Automatic Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

This automatic sandblasting cabinet designed with a turntable achieves high processing efficiency and great labor saving. As a group of automatic guns blasting and oscillating, the turntable rotates automatically at the same time, thus blasting flow covers all surfaces and corners of the object which is cleaned thoroughly and evenly.

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  1. Turntable automatically rotates while guns swing and blasting automatically as well.

  2. Ensure entire surfaces and corners will be uniformly cleaned, increasing efficiency and saving labor

  3. Remove rust, old paints, clean dirts, an ideal pretreatment equipment for powder coating or painting

  4. Blast guns can be controlled manual or automatic for different needs.

  5. Filter cartridge dust collection keeps dust away and improves the visibility of chamber.

  6. The quantity of blast guns, the diameters can be customized as actual demands.

  7. With intelligent control system for easy operation and high flexibility 

automatic sandblasting cabinet   wheel sandblasting cabinet

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Specifcations

Model KF-1212-4A
Work Chamber Size L1200 x W1200 x H800mm
Outer Size L1200 x W1680 x H1840mm
Door size W830xH770mm
Turntable Diameter 800mm
Max. Loading 200kgs
Power Supply 220V/50hz  (voltage can be customized)
Dust Collector Power 0.75kw 220V/50hz
Dust Collector Type Cartridge Filters
Blasting Gun 4pc, with boron carbide nozzle
Gloves 1 pair
Lighting 18w fluorescent
Working Pressure 5-8 bar
Required Flow 0.5-1.2m3/min
Material 2mm cold-rolled steel plate with powder coated surface

*Cabin Size, Blasting Guns Quantity Can be Customized as Requests