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Pressure Blast Cleaning Cabinet for Tough Jobs

Ideal for touch jobs, applications where large surfaces or thick layers must be cleaned quickly.
  • KF-1212P

Pressure Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  1. Works through a pressure pot directly push and accelerate media conveying, blasting force is 3 time higner than a siphon cabinet.

  2. Requires less efforts and less time to remove heavy layers or clean larger areas.

  3. Allows to use heavy or big mesh medias for special needs, such as steel balls.

  4. Built with overhead lights inside the working chamber, ensures clear and precise processing jobs.

  5. Filter cartridge dust collection keeps dust away and improves the visibility of chamber.

  6. Standardly configured with durable blasting gun with boron carbide nozzle for wear-resisting.

  7. Safe and reliable foot control switch reduce operator's fatigue.

  8. Can be optionally configured with cyclone separator, turntable or cart.

pressure blasting cabinet   pressure clean cabinet

pressure blast cabinet   pressure sandblast cabinet

pressure pot blast cabinet    blast cabinet light    blasting gun

Pressure Sandblasting Cabinet Specifcations

Model KF-1212P
Work Chamber Size L1200 x W1200 x H800mm
Outer Size L1200 x W1680 x H2100mm
Power Supply 220V/50hz  (voltage can be customized)
Dust Collector Power 0.75kw 220V/50hz
Dust Collector Type Cartridge Filters
Blasting Gun 1pc, with boron carbide nozzle
Gloves 1 pair
Lighting 18w fluorescent
Working Pressure 5-8 bar
Required Flow 0.5-1.2m3/min
Material 2mm cold-rolled steel plate with powder coated surface