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Pass Through Manual Powder Coating System Package

The manual powder coating system Including intelligent powder coating gun, pass thru powder coating booth and batch powder curing oven, all equipment produced by kafan to optimize your application quality and minimize your budget.
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  • Powder Coating Equipment Package


Pass Through Type Manual Powder Coating System Package

This manual powder coating system built with overhead track system is intended to processing long length parts in batches, such as aluminum profiles, door and window frames, or other furniture parts. It allows a certain quantity of workparts obtainign curing process which extactly improves production efficiency.

COLO-191S Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun:

COLO-191S powder coating gun applies advanced technology that easily coats corners and complex parts, precisely control of technical parameters thanks to the digital valve, ensure application quality, based on 10 years experienced, it requires less efforts to do powder coating jobs. We supply hopper type for single color production and box feed ype for fast color change.

powder coating guns

Pass Through Powder Coating Spray Booth

Pass thru spray booth means the work parts enter the booth driven by overhead track from one side opening to another side, during the movement, the parts are powder sprayed. With 2 open working stations at each sides of the booth, for convenient and entire coating, PLC control system, easily set filter cleaning and fan motor working. 3 pcs of cartridge filters is quick-release type, easy cleaning and fast for color change.

3 - 副本

Pass Thru Powder Coating Booth Specifications:

Mode KF-3212
Type Pass Through Powder Booth
Working Dimension Width620 * Depth2920 * Height1500mm
Overall Dimension Width1200 * Depth3000 * Height2030mm
Power Supply Electric
Voltage 220V/380V/410V, can be customized
Nominal Power 3.5kw
Cartridge Filter Material 100% polyester
Filter Count 3 pcs
Filter Hang Type Quick release
Filter Cleaning System

Batch Powder Coating Gas Oven

The powder coating oven designed with ground trolley system allows holding batch of workparts for efficient curing process. Kafan powder coating oven provides uniform distribution of warm air for the parts because of the circulation fan. The 100mm thickness rock wool board always keeps the inner chamber warm. It rapidly raise to required temperature, save production time. 

gas powder coating oven batch powder coating oven

Batch Powder Coating Oven Spefications

Model KF-5219
Working Dimension Width1900 * Heght1900 * Depth5000mm
Voltage 220V/380V(50-60Hz)
Power Supply Gas/Diesel/LPG
Warm-up Time 15-30min (180°C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max. 250°C
Burner Italy RIELLO, 200,000kcal
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Motor Power
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley

Size and special requirements of powder coating equipment can be customized to meet your actual application.