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Small Powder Coating System Package

Suitable for small scale powder coating application, including box feed powder gun, small powder spray booth and curing oven
Allows powder coaters start their small business with quick and easy operations. Kafan's powder coating equipment is designed to improve you application quality and efficiency.
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Powder Coating System Package for Small Parts

The small powder coating system package saves space while offering a professional application, it is suitable for small parts and not large productions, such as rims, bike parts, engine parts, metal accessories. Also applicable for starting powdercoat business.

Small Powder Coating Equipment Package Including:

  • COLO-191S Box Feed Powder Coating Gun

  • COLO-1115 Small Powder Coating Booth

  • COLO-1688 Electric Powder Coating Oven

COLO-1115 Powder Coating Spray Booth

Comes with 1 pcs quick-release type cartridge filter, 0.75 powerful fan motor, reaches to 98% powder recovery rate, allows fast cleaning and color change. Simple operation and maintenance, energy-saving, budget-saving, limited space occupy. 

Working Dimension:

Width1000 * Depth1000 * Height1500mm

 (3.2ft * 3.2ft *4.9ft)

Overall Dimension:

Width1200 * Depth1200 * Height1900mm

 (3.9ft *3.9ft *5.9ft)

Voltage: 220V/380V/410V, can be customized
Cartridge Filter: 2pcs, 100% polyester
Air Consumption: 805-1677m^3/h



COLO-1688 Powder Coating Curing Oven

Kafan powder coating oven provides uniform distribution of warm air for the parts by a 0.55kw fan motor, resulting in a quality finish. Heat by electricity, energy-saving and environmental friendly. heating time and fan motor work, rapidly raise the required temperature in a short time, easy and efficiency.

Worksize dimensions:

Width1000 x depth845 x height1600 mm

 (2.77ft * 2.77ft *5.25ft)

Overall dimensions:

Width 1200 x depth1100 x height2200 m

m (4.59ft * 3.6ft * 5.9ft)

Power supply: Electric/ 6.5kw, Votage: 110V/220v(50-60hz)
Temperature 180° C, max. 250° C;
Warm-up time: 15-30 min.
Temperature stability:  < ± 3-5°C

powder coating oven

COLO-191S-V Box Feed Powder Coating Gun:

COLO intelligent powder coating gun use advanced technology that easily powder coats corners and complex parts, precisely set & read technical parameters thanks to the digital valve, ensure application quality., based on 10 years experienced, it requires less efforts to do powder coating jobs.  The box feed type allows directly using the original powder box, suitable for frequent color change demands

       powder coating gun

Powder Coating Equipment Package Selections

Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

suitable for small and medium sized workparts

powder coating equipment package

Walk-in Type Powder Coating Package

suitable for big and heavy workparts

batch powder coating equipment

Pass Thru Powder Coating Equipment Package

suitable for long length workparts.

pass thru powder coating package

Size and special requirements of powder coating equipment can be customized to meet your actual application.