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Sandblasting and Powder Coating Complete System

The sandblasting and powder coating system package supports for small or medium sized products in batches, all equipment produced by kafan to optimize your application quality and minimize your budget.
  • Powder Coating Equipment Package


Sandblasting and Powder Coating Complete System

This complete finishing system include sandblasting machine for pretreatment, powder coating guns, powder coating booth, powder curing ovens, good option for DIY coating wheels or other small to medium sized workpieces.

Manual Sandblasting Cabinet with Turntable

The KF-1212FTA manual blast cabinets incorporate a turntable with loading cart used to operates heavy objects with minimal force. Specially applied to surface treatment of alloy wheels, castings, molds, etc.

Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Overall Dimension


Work Chamber

Length1200*Width1200 x Height800mm


Diameter 800mm (Maximum Load 200kgs)

Door Size


Power Supply


Motor Power


Main Structure

Working chamber

Cartridge filter dust collector

Electric controll system

Pnuematic control system

Rotating Turtable

Loading Cart and track


Spare parts

Sandblasting gun with boron carbide nozzle

Air blowing gun

Blasting hose

Sandblasting gloves

pressure regulator

air moisture separator


COLO-191S Powder Coating Equipment

The COLO-191S is our best selling model with a digital control system to precisely control voltage and current.

The precise application and intuitive handing of COLO-191S in gun control technology, delivers excellent coating quality for high requirement industrial use.


Accurate and repeatable settings of the powder output for stable coating results

Offers beginners 3 pre-set modes for flat work, complex profiles and re-coat operations

Allows create and save 20 personalized programs optimized for different parts or powders

powder coating gun

Powder Coating Spray Booth

Reach to 98% powder recovery rate. Comes with quick-release type cartridge filter and removable bottom powder funnel section allows fast cleaning and color change. High quality galvanized materials extend to long lifespan.

COLO-S-2315 Powder coating booth

Powder Coating Booth Specifications



Working Dimension

Width2300 * Depth1500 * Height1500 mm


Overall Dimension

Width1640 * Depth2070 * Height2180 mm

Power Supply




can be customized 

Nominal Power


Cartridge Filter

4 pcs, quick release type ,

100% polyester

Filter Cleaning System


Air Consumption


Powder Coating Curing Oven

Curing oven provides uniform distribution of warm air for the parts, resulting in a quality finish. Heat by electricity, energy-saving and environmental friendly. PLC controls the temperature, heating time and fan motor work, rapidly raise the required temperature in a short time, easy and efficiency.

powder curing oven

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Mode KF-1864
Type Electric Powder Coating Oven
Working Size

Width1600 * Depth1400 * Height1800 mm

(5.2ft * 4.6ft * 5.9ft)

Outer Size Width1900 * Depth1700 * Height2200mm
Power Supply Electric/18kw
Voltage 380V/220V(can be customized), 3 Phase
Motor Power 0.75kw
Heating Temperature 180-250'C
Heating Time 15-30min
Transportation Trolley

Size and special requirements of powder coating equipment can be customized to meet your actual application.