Kafan Automatic Sandblasting Equipment
Ideal for large-volume and consistent quality applications,  Whatever your process objectives are, Kafan could offer automatic sandblasting machines to achieve the highest surface preparation standards, with advantages of:
  • Speeds up production time and increases throughput.
  • Lower production costs and minimized downtimes
  • Reduced manual labour costs and employee fatigue over repetitive tasks
  • Consistent quality and predictable results
  • Fully automated process assisted by PLC and interfaced by touching screen.
  • Blasting media is continuously separated and recycled by standard cyclone device.
  • Efficient dust control by high-precision filter cartridge dust collectors.
  • Blasting guns are composed of durable and longlife boron carbide nozzles
Pass Thru Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Machine
Belt conveyor allows a batch of workparts continuously pass thru the processing chamber for automatic sandblasting, which achieves efficient working with reduced time and labor.  The workpieces’ traveling speed and exposure to the blast stream can be adjusted to accommodate various surface preparation applications.
Applications: for high-volume production of parts in flat shapes, such as, metal shells, aluminium plates, pipes, frames, etc
Rotary Indexing Automatic Blasting Machine with Multi-turntables
Designed with multi-independently turntables fitted on an rotary indexing table, parts loaded in the small turntables gets uniform and full coverage of blast stream from a group of automatic guns. It is Ideal for complex parts with hard-to-reach blind spots in continuous application cycles.
Applications: Batch processing of round disc, cylinder or polygon shaped product, such as glass & metal lampshade, non-stick pan, baking pan, stainless steel wash basin, wine bottle, etc.