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PP Plastic Powder Coating Cyclone Booth

PP plastic automatic powder coating booth with cyclone recovery is the most efficient solution for color change demands in automatic production line.
  • Kafan


Automatic Powder Coating Cyclone Booth

Comparing with the powder spray booth made of metal, the PP plastic powder coating booth has obvious technical advantages.

  • In the high-voltage electrostatic field, inner wall of plastic booth brings the charge with the same polarity as the powder particles, making the inner wall's rebound effect on the powder particles because of homogeneous repulsion, so that more powder can gather to the workpiece which effectively improves the spraying efficency and achieves high powder utiliization. 

  • As the PP plastic materials is anti-static that prevents powder accumulation, it is much easier and faster to clean the booth wall.  During powder color change process, this booth system working with the MONO cyclone extraordinary reduces downtime and maximizes working efficiency 

powder coating cyclone booth

PP Plastic Powder Coating Cyclone Booth Features

  • The first recovery stage - MONO cyclone powerfully and effectively transfer overspray powders from booth chamber to cyclone collector, ensures high powder recycling rate,

  • Configured with secondary recovery system includes a group of cartridge filters, which capture ultrafine powder particulates that is unqualified for recycling.

  • The bottom of the spray booth designed with an automatic air knife device prevents powder accumulation for easily and quick cleaning, also minimized the color contamination during color change.

  • Synchronized with powder coating reciprocator carries auto spray guns for uniform coating job, advanced powder self-recycling feed center ensures maximum utilization of powder and least waste,

Kafan Standard PP Plastic Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Booth Type Automatic Type
Operator dimensions Width800 x Depth6000 x Height2000 mm
Weight 4000kg
Power supply Electric
Nominal power
Voltage 380V/220V. customized as local.
Frequency 50-60Hz
Filters Polyester
Filters count 32pcs (325*900)
Filters hang type Rotary Wing, help filter cleaning
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic
Booth Material Wall:PVC;  Floor PVC & Stainless Steel
Cyclone Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 12 months