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Automatic Powder Coating Booth with Filter Recovery

Automatic Powder Coating Booth System designed for fast powder recycle, reliability, precision spray and a mass of parts production application.
  • COLO-0825


Automatic Powder Coating Booth System with Filter Recovery

The automatic powder coating booth designed with filter recovery system is an efficient and economical solution for single color application.  The compact structure takes up limited space which is friendly to small factories. We have experienced technical team supporting custom design and oversea installation.

automatic powder coating boothautomatic powder coating booth system

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Components

IMG_6772PLC Controller Panel

Monitors the whole range of components, controls all parameter and stores important data. Provides easy and reliable operation

1. Allows users to stop and start fan motor, 

2. Set working of solenoid valves to controls the filter cleaning, 

3. Control the powder recovery hopper lifting

MLF05418Filter Cartridge Powder Collection Module  

Highest precision filters made from 100% polyester, effectively capture even 0.1 micron powder particles. Filtered air through the cartridge is clean to be discharged to the atmosphere. 


Powder Collection Hopper

A removable powder recovery hopper beneath the filter module will collect the dropped powders, can be transferred to powder center for recycling use.

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model COLO-0825
Booth Type Automatic
Working Size Width800mm x Depth4000 x Height2000mm
Overall Size Width1200mm x Depth2580 x Height5000mm
Voltage 220V/380V Customized
Frequency 50-60Hz
Fan Power 5.5kw/set, 2 sets total
Filters Qty 12pcs
Filter Material Polyester
Filter Hang Tyoe Rotary Wing

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Applications

Our robust powder coating booth is designed to deliver best productivity and application quality in automatic production line, synchronously working with powder coating reciprocator, tailored automatic guns & control cabinets, conveyor system. With double coating stations and double filter recycling station, the automatic spray booth ensures efficiency and performance.