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  • In order to improve working efficiency and application quality, choose an automatic powder coating solution to replace manual jobs An automated powder coating line offers many advantages for factory. Automatic powder coating system including auto spray guns, reciprocators, automatic powder booth and


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  • During the powder coating process, the spray gun may generates uneven powder output, which will be directly affects the coating quality and production efficiency. As a professional powder coating equipment supplier and solver, we list the causes and remedies of irregular powder output based on our 10 years experience and knowledge.


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  • Powder coating process now is widely used in metal surface finishing process, such as aluminum profile, steel, sheet metal, for the advantage of anti-rust property, elegant appearance.Here I introduce the electrostatic powder coating technology.


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  • The powder coating gun equipment attain the purpose of spraying powder and adding an electric charge to the powder so it is attracted to the metal part.Most powder coating equipment has pre-set function of coating mode to meet most product applications. You just need press the mode buttons, do not n


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