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Benefits of Automatic Powder Coating

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In order to improve working efficiency and application quality, choose an automatic powder coating solution to replace manual jobs An automated powder coating line offers many advantages for factory. Automatic powder coating system including auto spray guns, reciprocators, automatic powder booth and curring oven, conveyor system. Work parts coating and conveying all by the automatic system, meet the demands of large-scale production

Benefits of an automated powder coating line include:

Improve Efficiency

In the automatic system, operators can automate all or part of the powder coating process for better control and quality assurance. Reciprocators can carry up to 12pcs spray guns for big output. By conveyor system, parts will fast and stably move through the spray booth to the curing oven, which obviously saving time and enhance output.

Ensures Uniformity

Automatic powder coating will leads to more uniform results because the batch of parts are placed in the same position and accept the same treatment by automatic reciprocating guns. Manual powder coating activities often causes quality difference.

Waste Powder Reduction

Automated powder coating lines has complete powder recovery system, including powerful  automatic booth system connected to powder feed center by powder recovery pump, which can almost eliminate waste from the coating process and achieves continuous powder spraying.

Saving Cost

Automatic powder coating lines may cost a lot comparing with manual systems, but they can save money over long term. It saves 4-5 workers if you want to make big production. And automatic powder coating causes few unqualified products

Powder coating is an high quality and environmental friendly surface finishing conparing with conventional painting methods. If taking factory’s output,, budget, and application into consideration, automatic powder coating line can deliver a perfect results.

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