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Powder Coating Process Steps & Equipment

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Powder coating process now is widely used in metal surface finishing process, such as aluminum profile, steel, sheet metal, for the advantage of anti-rust property, elegant appearance.

Here I introduce the electrostatic powder coating technology

1. Pre-treatment before powder coating 

Purpose: To remove oil contaminants, dust, and rust from the surface of the workpiece and create a "phosphating layer" which could resist corrosion and increase the surface adhesion of coatings.

There are 2 kinds of pre-treatment process as actual condition required:

1) Chemical Treatment

The main process steps: degreasing, rust removing, phosphating, passivation. After this technology, the workpiece is not only free of oil, rust and dust, but also get a uniform and rough phosphatizing film on the surface which is anti-rust and highly adhesive. 

Related equipment: pre-treatment tank (concrete tank, the number of which is equivalent to the pre-treatment processes);

Related material (chemicals): Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Na2CO3, Acid degreaser, Phosphating solution, Passivation solution.

2) Physical - By sandblasting

Working principle: It is a kind of mechanical surface finishing equipment that blasts the abrasive to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power. The blasted abrasives will impact and grind the surface, in which way remove the impurities, rust, oxide layer and other contaminants, results in a cleaner and high adhesion surface for powder coating job,

Related equipment: Sandblasting Machine

2. Electrostatic powder coating:

Purpose: the powder gun evenly spray the powders onto the surface of the workparts Special parts (hard-to reach corners, electrostatic shielding locations) should be coated with a high-performance powder gun, such as K2 series powder coating system.

Process steps:

1.Utilizing electrostatic adsorption principle, the powder coating equipment evenly spray powders on the surface of metal parts forming a coating layer

2.The powder coating process must to be done in the powder spray booth, which recycle the oversprayed powders, make the surroundings clean and save powders.

3 The recycled powders can be used after sieving by powder sieving machine.

Related powder coating equipment

1.Electrostatic powder coating machine (1set or more)

2.Spray booth with powder recovery function (single station or multi-station)

3.Powder sieving machine or powder manager center

4.Air compressor and moisture filter

Related materials:

Powder coating powder ( plastic powders, metallic powders, out door powders, indoor powders, with high light, light, matte, flat or wrinkle effect)

3. High temperature powder curing:

Purpose: Under the high temperature the powder coating oven cure the powder coatings, make it melt to be a solid and durable coating coverage.

Process Steps: Put the sprayed workpiece into the curing oven, heat it under the  temperature 150-200 degrees, and keep it for about 15-30 minutes. Usually the oven is equipped with a trolley and frame to hang the workpieces for easy loading and unloading.

Related equipment:  Powder coating oven, electricity heat type for small dimensions, gas or diesel type for large size powder curing oven.



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