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Irregular Powder Output Causes & Remedies

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During the powder coating process, the spray gun may generates uneven powder output, which will be directly affects the coating quality and production efficiency. As a professional powder coating equipment supplier and solver, we list the causes and remedies of irregular powder output based on our 10 years experience and knowledge.

1Worn out of injector sleeveReplace new injector sleeve
2Worn out of threaded sleeve Replace new threaded sleeve
3Powder injector gets contaminated and blockClean the powder injector
4Poor fluidization of powdersCheck fluidizing air pressure
5Powders get dampedReplace quality powders or contact with the supplier
6Too fine grain powderCheck and adjust ratio between fresh powder and recovered powder. 
7Too long powder hoseAdjust the length of powder hose properly
8Unstable compressed airCheck compressed air and add drying device
9Unstable air pressureCheck the pressure if overload
10Small distance between gun and objectsIncrease the coating distance.

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