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How to powder coat corners (poor penetration)?

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Why there is poor penetration for complex parts?

Faraday cage effect due to electric field causes poor penetration into the corner, and that is the profound difficulty powder coaters often happened during the application. Poor penetration means low powder adhesion to the substrate, thus we should increase the electrostatic charge on powders.

How to overcome corner coating difficulty?

It is wise and necessary to use an intelligent powder coating gun which performs much better than common types. Advanced intelligent powder coating gun, such as Kafan K2 series allows current adjusting separated from voltage, while common powder gun does not have this function. In this condition, you can set a high voltage and a low current to improve powder transfer efficiency for less orange peel and more coverage in corners. This results in a much more efficient charging process and improved application quality

powder coating gun

Choose an advanced powder coating gun

Kafan K2 Series powder coating gun equipment  offers precise adjustment of kv and current setting, powder flow and air supply, can easily penetrating corners and awkward holes, whose high transfer efficiency builds high coating coverage and is a great saving of powders. Kafan electrostatic powder coating equipment requires simplest operation and minimal maintenance.



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