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Large Powder Coating Curing Oven

For drying large or big batch powder coated parts, Gas/Diesel/LPG fired powder coating oven will save more energy expense. By using high efficiency heating system, It performs quick raising of temperature that saves your time everyday.
  • COLO-5219

  • Kafan

  • Width1900 * Heght1900 * Depth5000 mm

  • Gas/Diesel


COLO-5219 Large Powder Coating Oven

Using gas or diesel as heating source, it has significant advantages comparing with electric oven which saves more expense of energy consumption. Our forced air powder coating ovens always provides temperature uniformity that ensures optimal curing effect.

large powder coating oven

Large Powder Coating Oven Trolly System

The large powder coating oven can be designed with trolley system or track system for different purposes, which is based on your production demands.

1) Trolley system, configured with an internal one handing the workparts into the chamber for curing process, as well as an external one transport the internal trolley for easily loading and unloading. This system is ideal for small and light parts that takes full utilization of oven space.

2) Track system, suitable for transporting heavy or big workparts by using less manual efforts, the quantity of tracks can be customized as requests.

large powder coating oven with trolley
large powder coat oven with track

Large Powder Coating Batch Oven Applications

Batch curing oven is widely used in powder coating industry for big scale business. The 5 meter powder coating oven allows batch production metal frames, plates, furniture products, etc.  We offer custom-made service of designing a transport trolley special for your workpieces.

Large Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model COLO-5219
Working Dimension (mm) Width1900 * Heght1900 * Depth5000
Voltage 220V/380V(50-60Hz)
Power Supply Gas/Diesel/LPG
Warm-up Time 15-30min (180°C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max. 250°C
Burner Italy RIELLO, 200,000kcal
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Motor Power
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley

Large Powder Coating Gas Oven Details

powder coating oven controlPLC Control Panel

The powder-coating oven is easy to operate thanks to the PLC control unit with, it offers all features and flexibilities to achieve precise heating process.

Temperature and time can be digitally set with accurate value, and read in LCD screen.

Other functions such as: Power switch, emergency stop, fan start.

powder coating oven material

Powder Coating Oven Material

Interlayer is 100mm thickness rock wool board, maximize the effect of heat preservation.

Inner wall is 1mm heat-resisting galvanized steel, 

Outer wall is anti-rust color steel, durable and long lifespan.

powder coating oven gas burner

RIELLO Gas Burner

Italy Imported RIELLO gas burner, takes full utilization of fuels, making chamber rapidly and raise to required temperature. The reliable burner with high performance achieves energy-saving.


Heating Exchanger

Indirect heating gas oven includes a heat exchanger inside the burning room that transfer clean hot air to oven chamber.

It combines seamless steel tube 8x8 array, made of 310S stainless steel with 3-4mm thickness.

powder coating oven fan

Circulation Fan

Powerful fan circles hot air in the oven chamber, ensures uniform heat distribution with temperature stability less than 3 degree. creating quality, durable finish and no color difference.

Electric, Gas, or Diesel Powder Coating Oven, Which do you choose?

Basically the selection is depended on the size of the powder coating oven referring to the initial cost and potential cost.

Powder Coating Oven Initial Cost

For the investment of equipment itself, when requires small dimension powder coating oven, electric heating is more cost-saving since it has easier structure and configurations while gas/diesel ovens combine a heating room, stainless steel heat exchanger, a high performance burner, etc.

For large dimension, such as oven length is 5 meter, 6 meter or more, especially curing tunnel, electric curing oven will not be cheaper than gas/diesel oven as it requries to install a big quantities of electric tube to warm the large space. Thus gas/diesel powder coating oven is more recommended. Moreover, gas/diesel ovens enjoys longer life and higher efficiency.

electric powder coating oven

Powder Coating Oven Potential Cost

As these ovens are powerd by energy, we must take energy expense into the production cost.

On the small ovens, many people tend to use electric powder coating cure ovens because of the ease in getting electricity in their small workshop, which is most commonly to be founded.

For large size powder coating ovens, gas or diesel fuels generates much lower cost.  Building gas station though is not a small project, but in the long term it is more cost-saving as the large amounts of wattage for electric ovens is expensive for many countries. For diesel heating application, it seems cost is less than LPG or natural gas, but it may create pollution to cured parts, thus gas powder coating oves are more recommended.

large powder coating oven