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Semi-automated Powder Coating Plant

Manual type pretreatment, automatic powder coating system with manual curing oven, suited for high production of not big workparts, and requires limited factory space and budget.

Semi-automated Powder Coating Painting Line Processes

1) Dipping tank pretreatment: the substrates dipping in the tank will react with the liquid to remove grease, scale, rust, dirts. obtains a superior surface for quality powder coating.

2) Manually hang the cleaned workparts on the overhead conveyor hangers, which will be automatically transported to the automatic powder spraying stations.

3) Powder coating by automatic reciprocating spray guns, Multi gun controllers installed on a central cabinet for integrated control. The reciprocatoris driven by frequency motor, speed and stroke adjustable

4) The automatic in-line powder booth has 2 working station allows parts recieving powder coating from bilateral sides. Powder reclaim achieved by cyclone and filter stage, allows quick color change and reaches 98% powder recycling rate

5) After powder spraying, manually move a batch of coated workparts to the box powder coating oven. This powder coating oven designed wth trolley system allows batch workparts entering for powder curing., which can be heated by electric, gas or diesel as required.

6) The whole process is easily and precisely controlled by PLC.

powder coating pretreatment

Dipping Tank

powder coating conveyor

Overhead Conveyor

powder coating reciprocator


powder coating booth

Cyclone Powder Booth

powder coating curing oven

Box Type Curing Oven

PLC control

PLC Control