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Manual Powder Coating Plant for Sale

This powder coating plant is specially designed for manual coating of big dimension or long length workparts in batches, Get a custom plan to start your own powder coating business with Kafan teams!

Manual Powder Coating Plant for Batch Parts

This economical manual powder coating plant allows batch of workparts to be processed, which increase production efficiency and saves budget. This plant mainly includes manual coating machine, pass thru powder coating booth with filter recovery,  gas fired batch curing oven.

manual powder coating plant

Manual Powder Coating Plant Applications

This powder coating plant is specially designed for manual coating of big dimension or long length workparts in batches, but not too heavy, as it requires moving the powder spraying workparts from booth to oven by manual.

powder coating plates  powder coating profiles  powder coating frames 

Manual Powder Coating Plant Configurations

manual powder coating machine

COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine

Powder coating is by manual spray system, which offers more precise operation that automatic line can not achieve, especially for handling objects in complex shapes.

COLO-191S Powder coating equipment is digital valve controlled, features precise and easy operated, offering best application quality for various products, such as metal frames, aluminum profiles, whose 60 pounds hopper allows big powder coating productivity.

manual powder coating booth

Pass Thru Powder Coatig Booth

Pass thru powder coating booth allows parts enter the booth from one entrance and exit from the other through overhead track while recieving powder coating from bilateral stations, suitable for long lenth workparts.

The powder spray booth configured with double filter stages for highly-efficient powder recovey, as well as ensures cleaning working environment.

A removable powder collector beneath the filter stage will holds oversprayed powders and can be taken out for recycling use.

batch powder coating oven

Gas Powder Coating Batch Oven

This powder coating oven designed wth ground trolleys that allows loading a group of workparts for big production. Made of 100mm thick rock wool board, the oven keeps good heat preservation. A circulation fan cycles hot air uniformly that results quality curing effect.

The powder-coating oven is easy to operate thanks to the PLC control unit with, it offers all features and flexibilities to achieve precise heating process.

Gas fired powder coating oven features quck-heating, energy-saving, reducing operating cost and curing more parts everyday.

Manual Powder Coating Plant Customer Case - Built in Malaysia

Manual Powder Coating Plant Specifications for Reference

Powder Coating Machine
Control Digital Valve
Max. Output Voltage 100kv
Hopper Capacity 60lbs
Powder Coating Booth
Type Pass Thru
Inner Size width 1.12m x depth 4m x height 2m
Opening Size W0.8m x H2m
Material SPCC/t=1.5mm
Recovery System Filter Cartridge (12pcs)
Fan Motor 5.5kw, 2sets
Recovery Hopper 2 sets
Air Flow 5000m^3/h
Powder Coating Oven
Heating Source Gas Curing Oven
Working Dimension Width 2m x Height 2m x Depth 6m
Oven Insulation
Transporting trolley, 2sets
Gas Burner 200,000 kcal/h, RIELLO brand
Fan Motor 7.5kw, 1 set
Air Flow 8000m^3/h