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Semi-automated Powder Coating Painting Line

Ideal for long length or heavy workparts, such as aluminum profiles, metal frames, furniture, etc.

manual operation, allows transporting heavy workparts while reduce labor efforts and saves budgets.

Specially designed for small space factory that requires relatively big volume production.

Manual movement and automatic coating minimizes budget and labor efforts.

Semi-automated Powder Coating Painting Line Processes

1) Manually pull the workparts to the powder booth via overhead track system

2) Workparts is automatic transported when enters to booth conveyor system

3) Powder coating by automatic spray guns and reciprocators, Multi gun controllers installed on a central cabinet for integrated control. The reciprocatoris driven by frequency motor, speed and stroke adjustable

4) The automatic tunnel booth has 2 working station allows parts recieving powder coating from bilateral sides. Powder reclaim is achieved by a recovery stage combined with a group of high precision filters, reach 98% powder recycling rate.

5) After powder spraying, manually move the coated workparts to the track powder coating oven

6) This powder coating oven designed wth top tracks allows batch conveyed workparts entering for powder curing., which can be heated by electric, gas or diesel as required.