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PLC Controlled Powder Coating Reciprocator

Kafan automatic powder coating reciprocator is driven by a frequency controlled motor via PLC, giving more smooth and precise motion.
  • KF-2200D
  • Kafan
  • Powder Coating Reciprocator

PLC Controlled Powder Coating Reciprocator for Automatic Line

  • Frequency adjustable to meet various coating demands 

  • Moving by linear guide rail, gives gentle motion with less wear.

  • Carry upto 24 pcs auto spray guns to achieves a certain productivity

  • Set and store 20 programs of individual stoke and speed

  • PLC control system with user-friendly touch screen for easy operation and trainin

powder coating reciprocator

Could set and store 20 individual programs * User-friendly touch screen is easy to set parameters * Three languages of the operation interface: Chinese/English/Spanish

PLC reciprocator

Powder Coating Reciprocator Specifications

Model KF-2200D 
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Motor Power 1.1kw
Speed Range 0-50m/min(0-0.8m/s)
Max. Loading Capacity 25kgs
Stroke Length: 1.5m/2m/2.5m
Standard Size: 850*680*2970mm
Reciprocator Weight: 295kg