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Advanced 2 Axis Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

PLC controlled powder coating reciprocator features: *Set and store 20 programs of individual stoke and speed *User-friendly touch screen for easy operation and training *Three languages of the operation interface: Chinese/English/Spanish
  • KF-2200D
  • Kafan
  • Powder Coating Reciprocator

Advanced 2 Axes Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

The advanced 2 axis powder coating reciprocator not only moves at Z-axis, but also can moved in and out of the booth at X-axis direction, in order to adap to the part width, thus complicated parts can be powdercoated in optimized effect. In addition, it is also an ideal solution for powder gun cleaning outside the booth during color change.

2 axis powder coating reciprocator - 副本

Unique Features of Kafan Reciprocator:

  • This programmable 2 axis intelligent reciprocator is specially designed to improve the working efficiency and coating quality.

  • Stroke in Z-axis(gun moving distance) can be adjustabled in PLC controller wth abitrary set for different parts, while the moving speed can be set in a certain range, up to 78m/min

  • The max speed of fore-and-aft direct in X-axis is 10m/min(the data can be customized based on requirements), there is a corresponding motion control according to the detection of part position signal.

  • Heavy-load reciprocator, which could carry a certain quantity of spray guns, stable and reliable running.