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Constant Speed Powder Coating Reciprocator

KF-2600D Automatic powder coating reciprocator carries columns of spray guns, moving them up and down in constant speed that delivers more uniform thickness of powder coating film on workparts.
  • KF-2600D

  • Kafan

  • powder coating reciprocator


Constant Speed Powder Coating Reciprocator

  • Cam link assembly structure makes running in constant speed that creates more even film thickness

  • External-built motor is convenient for maintenance, requires less wearing parts.

  • Speed control by frequency motor and microprocessor, ensure reliability and flexibility.

  • The sturdy mechanism ensures stable powder cloud even installed with multiple spray guns.

powder coating reciprocator

Powder Coating Reciprocator Specification

Model KF-2600D 
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 
Frequency 50-60Hz
Motor Power 1.5kw
Speed Range 0.1-16.8m/min (adjustable)
Stroke Length: 150-450mm