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Powder Coating Aluminum Profiles

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Manual Powder Coating Plant for Aluminium Profiles

This powder coating line is designed for Korean customer for manual coating of aluminum profiles and other metal parts. It is specially suitable for handle large, heavy or complex shape parts which requires extreme precise manual coating. or requires batch production but with not big budget. The manual painting line includes overhead track system, manual coating machine, pass thru spray booth and curing oven.  A batch of aluminium profiles moves thru one station to another are helped by overhead track with manual operation. This plant features space-saving, cost-saving and labor-saving.

Powder Coating Line for Aluminium Profiles.pdf.

Powder coating offers many advantages:

  • A wide range of decorative finishes for metal can be achieves by using different types of powders  including matte, glossy, clear and textured, etc.

  • The durable finish provides a surface finish which is less prone to chipping, marking and scratching and rusting.

  • Powder coating can be applied to components used internally and externally, reaching to any corners of the products.

  • The powder coating overspray can be recycled by equipment for cost-saving.