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KF-X2-V Electrostatic Powder Coating System

Kafan KF-X2 powder coating system with digital precise control delivers perfect performance on any shapes of metal parts, ideal for penetrating corners and recesses. It is suitable for painting profiles, heat sinks, wheels, furnitures, cabinet, shelves, etc, 
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KF-X2 Electrostatic Powder Coating System

The precise application and intuitive handing of KF-X2 in gun control technology, delivers excellent coating quality for high requirement industrial use.. With its clear display, all processing parameters (kv, charging current, powder ouptput, atomizing air, all can be simply accessed and directly controlled.

KF-X2 Electrostatic Powder Coating System

Kafan KF-X2 Powder Coating Gun Digital Controller

1. An easy-to-use panel with LCD screen gives you great conveninece for adjusting kv, amperage, conveying air and atomizing air.

2. Three one-touch pre-set programs are designed for beginners who are shot or knowledge, applying to flat shapes. complex shapes and re-coating jobs.

3. For different parts and jobs, it allows you to create 20 applications programs which will be automatically stored and easily selected during operation.

Kafan X2 Powder Coating Gun Digital Controller

Manual Powder Coating Gun

1. Long-lasting 100kv spray gun maximizes the electrostatic charging, provides high transfer efficiency and saves materials

2. Remote control of changing powder flow and application programs on the back cover, fast and easy.

3. Comes with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize your spray effect, including flat,  round spray nozzles with different size deflectors, and extension nozzles.

Manual Powder Coating Gun

KF-X2 Electrostatic Powder Coating System

Power range
Temperature range in use
-10 ℃+50 ℃
Powder Gun Data
Gun weight: 500G
Rated output voltage 24VDC
Maximum output current 180Ua(max)
Maximum output voltage 0-100KV ( adjustable)
Maximum powder injection : 600g/min
Polarity negative (-)
Pheumatic Data
Maximum input-air pressure 10kg/cm
Optimum input-air pressure 6kg/cm
Minimum input-air pressure 4kg/cm
Maximum water vapor content or compressedair 1.4g/N m3
Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air 0.1ppm
Maximum compressed-air consumption 13.2 m3/h