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Big Electric Powder Coating Painting Oven

The 3.2m long length electric powder coating oven is ideal for batch production of medium or large workparts.
  • COLO-1732

  • Kafan

  • Width1650 * Heght1700 * Depth3200mm (5.4' x 5.5' x 10.5')

  • Electric, 45kw (Gas/Diesel Available)


Big Electric Powder Coating Painting Oven

Electric powder coating oven always maintain the required temperature with uniform heat distribution through entire chamber, which ensures optimal curing circles without any color difference for the metal surfaces.  Electric heated source curing oven is clean for workparts and friendly to environment

electric powder coating batch oven

Big Electric Powder Coating Oven Applications

The 3 meter depth powder coating oven allows a big batch of small workparts gets curing process after electrostatic spraying, as well as accommodates medium-to-big shape workparts such as furniture cabinets, metal doors, aluminium frames. 

(video shared from our Qatar customer who purchased our complete powder coating system)

Electric Powder Coating Oven Details

powder coating oven control

PLC Control Panel

The powder-coating oven is easy to operate thanks to the PLC control unit, it offers all features and flexibilities to achieve precise heating process.

Temperature and time can be digitally set with accurate value, and read in LCD screen.

powder coating oven material

Powder Coating Oven Material

Interlayer is 100mm thickness rock wool board, maximize the effect of heat preservation.

Inner wall is 1mm heat-resisting galvanized steel, 

Outer wall is anti-rust color steel, durable and long lifespan.

powder coating oven fan

Circulation Fan

Powerful fan circles hot air in the oven chamber, ensures uniform heat distribution with temperature stability less than 3 degree, creating quality finish effect with no color difference.

powder coating oven trolley

Powder Coating Oven Trolley

KF series ovens are standard equipped with two manual trolleys, transporting heavy workparts by using less force. 

Inner trolley moves on the outer trolley that does not contaminate the inside of the oven, ensures high purity painted elements.

Custom design is available to get a optimal use of the entire space of oven. 

COLO-1732 Electric Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model COLO-1732
Working Dimension (mm) Width1650 * Heght1700 * Depth3200
Voltage 220V/380V(50-60Hz)
Heating Power 45kw
Warm-up Time 15-30min (180°C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max. 250°C
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Motor Power
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley

 Optional gas/diesel/LPG fired powder coating oven for the same size.

Electric Powder Coating Ovens with Standard Sizes

Model Working Dimension (mm) Heating Power Fan Motor Power
COLO-1515 Width1500 * Heght1500 * Depth1500 12kw 0.75kw, 1pcs
COLO-1864 Width1600 * Heght1800 * Depth1400 12kw 0.75kw, 1pcs
COLO-1732 Width1650 * Heght1700 * Depth3000 18kw 1.5kw, 1pcs
COLO-1645 Width1500 * Heght1650 * Depth4500 32kw 3kw, 1pcs

Why choose Kafan Electric Powder Coating Ovens?

Electric powder coating ovens are constructed from high quality components, such as PLC controler, 100mm rockwool wall, powerful circulation fan, flexible trolley, all ensure efficiency, safety and long lasting use.

Powder coating ovens with standard sizes provides lower cost and shorter delivery time, which are pre-assambled, test run, data logged. 

We have oven 10 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing support of the electric powder coating ovens. Our product range can be supplied from standard sizes or customized to your precise requirements.