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Semi-auto Powder Sieving Machine, Recovery Powder Sieving Machine

The semi-auto powder sieving machine sieves large quantities of powder without disturbing your coating process, as well as reduce wastage during manual spraying.
  • KF-6000

  • Kafan

  • Powder Sieving Machine


Semi-auto Powder Sieving Machine

Semi-auto powder sieving machine only requires operator pour the powders into the screen, it achieves automatic vibrating and sieving, mainly for the purposes of:

1. Sieve recovery powders for second use, remove rust or contaminants to be pure powders

2. Distribute powder block into subtle powders, ensures quality powder coating, especially in some hot and wet climates.

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Recovery Powder Sieving Machine Benefits

Sieve large quantities of recovered powder without delaying your coating process, what's more, powder coaters benefits from the below advantages:

  • Smooth powder conveying and uniform coating results.

  • Increase utilization of oversprayed powders

  • Quick and efficient powder sieving, improve production.

  • Simple structure, easy to install and maintenance.

  • The screen can be easily changed for different meshes.

  • Full stainless steel construction, durable and anti-rust.

Powder Coating Sieving Machine Specifications

Model: KF-4000
Total power: 70 W
Voltage:  220 V ± 10 AC, 50-60hz
Motor speed:  3000-3600 r/min
sieving powder quantity:  250 kg/h
Screen size:  120 mesh
Powder hopper volume:  45 L