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Powder Feed Center, Fast Color Change in Automatic Coating Line

For automatic powder coating line, the KF-6200 powder feed center is an integrated solution for all powder management needs, a very compact design and can be adapted to any system layout
  • KF-6200

  • Kafan

  • Powder Feed Center


Powder Feed Center, Fast Color Change in Automatic Coating Line

The powder feed center is specially designed for fast color change in the automatic powder coating line, by powerful cleaning of spray gun, powder hose, and injector during color change, the powder feed center greatly enhance the automation and improve productivity.   

powder management center

Excellent Features of Powder Feeding Center

Box Feed Funnel - Quick for Powder Color Changepowder feed center

Allows directly placing the original powder carton on the funnel, flexible for color changing, no need to clean the powder container, increasing the production efficiency.

Ultrasonic Siever - Uniform Powder Flow

Gently sieve fresh and recovered powders, effectively loosen powder accumulations for even powder flow. Free-swinging ultrasonic siever requires less energy.

Powder Supply Hopper - Powder Level Detection

Fresh and recovered powders will enters into the integrated powder hopper, whose powder level detection feature guarantees a constantly available powder quantity. Closed powder hopper ensure dustless working environment,

PLC Panel - Integrated Control of Complete System

PLC system with touch screen integrates all functions you need. It control everystep of powder coating line, such as powder feeding, powder spraying, powder recovery, equipment and pipe cleaning, etc

Powder Feed Center Specifications

Mode KF-6200
Voltage 110V/220V, 1Phase (can be customized)
Total Power 100w
Powder Hopper Size 310*240*270mm
Standard Mesh Size 80 mesh (on request)
 Ultrasonic frequency: 38kHz

Powder Feeding Center in Automatic Coating Line

An optimal management of the color change process is ensured by the interconnection with the rest of the powder coating system. The powder coating color change process can be finished by one operator in few minutes

powder feeding center