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KF-K2-TH Small Powder Coating System with 10 Lbs Hopper

Small powder coating gun system is economical and practical for small and normal powder coating application. The intelligent gun controller gives precise powder output, ensures the coating quality and greatly saves powders. Powder Hopper Capacity: 10 lbs
  • KF-K2-TH

  • Kafan

  • Powder Coating System


KF-K2-TH Small Business Powder Coating System with 10 Lbs Hopper

This powder coating system with small powder hopper, can be used for not large production, and easy to carry. The powder hopper with fluidizing function ensures continuous and smooth powder conveying. Customer can purchase several hoppers for quick color change.

K2 Innovative powder coating system with an easy-to-use interface to set powder feeding, atomization, kv, amperage by pressing buttons, not traditional valve regulations, which facilitate the operation and improve application quality. 

small powder coating system - 副本

powder gun controller

Smart Powder Gun Controller

Digital valved controlled technology, offers the flexibility of precisely adjusting each parameter,  obtains perfect resuilt to coat with any powders, any shapes.

3 pre-setting application programs are designed for powder coating beginners for Flat Parts Coating, Corner Coating, Re-coating.

Allows experienced powder coating users create and store 20 personalized modes

powder spray gun

Powerful Manual Spray Gun

Unique ergonomic design, lightweight to reduce operator's fatigue. Included 100kv high voltage cascade is powerful for long lasting use and great powder savings. 

Kafan developed spray nozzles are designed for perfect powder distribution. Flat spray nozzles, round spray nozzle with different diameter deflectors are to generates the optimal results when coating different objects.

powder coating hopper

Fluidizing Powder Hopper

Size: Dia20 x Height30cm Capacity: 10 pounds powders 

Material: Stainless Steel.

The easy cleaning powder coating hopper is popular among worldwide powder coaters, with fluidizng effect for smooth conveying. It is a well sealed hopper keeping the powders from contaminants and damp.