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Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

It is an ideal entry into series automatic production line that improves coating production and reduces downtime, including automatic powder guns and control, integrated cabinet, reciprocators.

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment - Powder Guns & Comtroller & Reciprocator

Automatic powder coating equipments applied in automatic powder coating line, meet the demands of large scale production. Replace manual coating job, automatic spray system provides better uniformity and ensures quality consistency, which is obviously cost-saving for the long term. 

Automatic Powder Guns


Intelligent COLO-191S  automatic powder coating machine can easily penetrate hard-to-reach corners, whose high transfer efficiency builds high coverage rate and is a great saving of powders. With pre-set functions and personalized application programs, easy for beginners, powerful for advanced users.

Central Control Cabinet


Combination of a certain quanlity of automatic powder gun controllers, meet the requirements of serial production, ensures reliability and controllability in the automatic powder coating line. The quantity of controller units can be tailored as customer's demands, maximum up to 24 sets.

Powder Coating Reciprocator

PLC reciprocator

KF-2200D powder coating reciprocator carries a certain quantity of spray guns for up-and-down motion, delivers excellent uniformity and efficiency of powder coating. Frequency adjustable PLC controlled gives gentle and presion motion. Can carry 2-24 pcs automatic guns to achieves a certain productivity. User-friendly touch screen is easy and accurate to set parameters