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What types of things can be powder coated?

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Typically any metal object that can be powder coated, because metal workpieces meets 2 critical conditions.

1.The powder spraying process, 

Using a powder coating gun that spray powders and generates static electrocity making the powder particles negatively charged, while the grounded metal objects is positively charged, the powders are attrached to the metal surface.

2.Powder Curing Process

After spraying process, the powder coated products must be put into the curing oven at the temperature 180-250 degree, so that the coating layer could melt and form a solid coverage. In this case, the object must  tolerate the high heat. 

Mildsteel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloys, and most other steel alloys can be powder coated.

As a 10 years manufacturer of powder coating equipment, we have designed and solved for over thousand powder coating users. 

1.Alloy wheel for car or motorcycle, people needs colorful wheels, and durable coating coverage withstand rain, sun, wear and tear, powder coating has much better performance than traditional paintings

2.Aluminum profile, for industry use, powder coated aluminum profile is more wear-resistant, anti-rust.

3.Furniture, metal chair and desk, cabinet, powder coatings is non-toxic, more environmental-friendly than wet paintings

Other common projects like fence, pallet rack, like window frame, security doors, etc.



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