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What is powder coating technology?

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Electrostatic powder coating principle

The electrostatic powder gun spray out powders and compressed air flow, the powder is distributed by the compressed air, at the same time the gun makes the powder particles negatively charged. The charged powder particles are affected by airflow (or other forces such as centrifugal force) and electrostatic attraction, attaching to a ground-connected object. Normally the coated workpiece is metal, as the metal is positively charge, in which case forms a powder coating.

powder coating principle powder coating technology

How to powder coat?

Using a quality and intelligent powder coating gun, the powders coatings is uniform and perfect without any defects, such as orange peel effect, electrostatic shielding.

The powder coating should be done at a powder spray booth using filter or cyclone system absorb oversprayed powders, ensure the there is no flying particles in surrounding air. Also the powder coating booth recycle the powders for further utilization, saving cost.

After sprayed the workpieces will be put into a powder curing oven, through the high-temperature oven it is cured to become the final coating with different effects (by using powders in various effects);

The powder coating is superior to the wet painting process in the field of mechanical strength, surface adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, moreover, the powder coating is more budget saving and more effective.

powder coating equipment

The process and equipment of powder coating technology

1.Pretreatment, aims to remove rust, contaminants, imperfections of the metal surface, improve adhesion and mechanical properties.

Chemical Pretreatment: concrete/stainless steel tank with chemicals.solvent.

Or Physical Pretreatment: sandblasting equipment

2.Powder Spray

Electrostatic powder coating gun: spray powders and forms a powder coating coverage on work parts.

Powder Coating Booth: Recycle oversprayed powders.

3.Powder Curing

Powder Coating Oven: heat work parts, making the coated powders melting, leveling and curing, to form a solid covering film.



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