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Powder Coating Recovery Hopper

Powder Recovery Hopper 2 Sizes for Choice COLO-S01: 55x55cm, carry 120 pounds powder COLO-S02: 68x68cm, carry 300 pounds powder
  • KF-S01
  • Kafan
  • Supports for powder recycling & continuous powder feeding in the automatic powder coating line.

  • Placed under powder sieving section mixing recovered powders with fresh powders.

  • The fully enclosed structure avoids dust leaking, features more environmentally friendly.

  • Allows to insert with 24 powder injectors, hold about 200 lbs powders for big continuous production.

  • Fluidizing-based hopper allows powders easily to be conveyed to the gun with a high degree of uniformity

  • Our powder hoppers are made of durable stainless steel, easy-cleaning, anti-rust and long lasting.