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How to set powder coating gun kv?

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The powder coating gun equipment serve the purpose of spraying powder and adding an electric charge to the powder so it is attracted to the metal surface.

Most powder coating equipment has pre-set function of coating mode to meet most product applications. You just need press the mode buttons, do not need to adjust parameter, but for many customer that would like to create their own programs, knowledge of kv adjustment will be a great help.

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What is kv setting at the powder coating gun? 

"kV" means kilovolt, 1 kilovolt = 1000 volts. It is a unit that measuring how much electrical charge an electrostatic powder coating gun can generate.  The final result is how many powders attracted to the metal surface.

The kV adjustment determines the charge amount on the powder particles as they pass through the spray gun. Higher kv value leads to stronger charge.

How to set powder coating kv?

Flat part coating: High kv setting(80-100kv) is suitable for flat panels with large area, it greatly improve the transfer efficiency of powders, high amount powders quickly and easily stick to the metal surface with less consumption. What’s more, it is possible to increase the distance between the coat gun and the product. This setting enables you get uniform and quality coverage on the panel surface.

Complex part coating: "Faraday cage" defects usually appears in the powder coating process, which means that electrostatic shielding area can not be coated, this happens at the awkward corners and complex parts, such as window and door trim, profiles, frames, radiator, wire racks, I-beam sections, wheel rib, mesh, etc. You have to lower the kv to 40-60kv, even with metallic powders. Remember that the more detailed part, the lower kv value.

Re-coating: After first circle of coating, you may discover some area is not well-covered, you need do a second repair coating. Lower the kv to 20-30kv, achieves a perfect finish and reduce powder consumption

Here is an obvious instruction for kv setting during the powder coating application.

Shape or Parts
Output voltage
1st air
2sec air
 Coating Distance
Flat Big Size
Corner, sides
0.5-1 kg/cm2

Kafan intelligent powder coating equipment offers precise adjustment of electrical and pneumatic data, can easily penetrating corners and awkward holes, whose high transfer efficiency builds high coating coverage and is a great saving of powders. Kafan electrostatic powder coating equipment requires simplest operation and minimal maintenance.

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