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How to choose a powder coating booth?

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As powder coating becames widely used for surface treatment, except powder spray gun equipment. you need a powder coating booth with powder reclaim system that collect excess powders and keep a clean and non-particle environment.

Before order a powder coating booth, you need carefully consider the parameters and functions, that mainly depend on you product type and production scales, also some other requirements, such as budget, fast color change, high powder recycling, etc

Here are common types of powder coating booths on the  market

1.Manual filter powder coating booth-open type.

Suitable for normal small to medium sized products, not large production. such as alloy wheels. ,metal accessories, these booth features 1 to several pcs of filters, when you need change colors, just change the quick-release filter, budget-saving, easy operation and maintenance.

powder coating booth

2.Filter powder spray booth-tunnel type

If you are planning a manual economic solution that for long thin products, especially like aluminum profiles, window and door frames, you can choose this type, double working station makes entire coating, you can add overhead conveyor for transporting. An depedent filter room for effective powder recycling.

tunnel powder coating spray booth

3.Automatic filter powder booth for 1-2 colors

Like the above manual filter tunnel booth, it can be designed with reciprocator working station applied in automatic production line.

4.Automatic Cyclone Powder Booth for Fast Color Change

Based on big productivity and high automation, quick color change, available budget, that means less manual labor , shortest time circles. You need a cyclone powder booth, there are momo-cycone and multi-cyclone booth, normally if your production house has 5 meter's high or more, we will recommmed momo-cyclone booth, because it is high, if less than 5 meters, you can choose multi-cyclone booth.

Abviously cyclone booth is much expensive than filter booth, the outstanding feature that filter booth can not compare is quick color change and high powder recycling rate. 

Cyclone powder coating booth often employed in automatic production line.

mono cyclone powder spray boothmulti cyclone powder coating booth



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