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COLO-800D Intelligent Powder Coating Gun Machine

Digital Intelligent Controller 60lbs Fluidizing powder coating hopper Flexible trolley with wheels
  • COLO-800D

  • COLO


Intelligent Powder Coating Gun System

COLO-800D Intelligent powder coating system design with user-friendly one-touch operation buttons, which is convenient to change the shape for coating, and create perfect finish for all kinds of parts. The reliable quality ensures minimum number of wear parts and maintenance costs minimized.  

powder coating machine

COLO-800D Powder Coating Machine Spare Parts

1. Manual Powder Spray Gun

08枪-800Kafan KF-08 Manual powder gun with unique ergonomic design, lightweight to reduce operator's fatigue  But powerful for long lasting use and great powder-savings.

1) Built-in 100kv high voltage cascade

2)Quality material and non-stick of powders

3)Flat nozzles and round nozzles optimize the application

powder injector

2.Powder Coating Injector

Kafan powder injector meets the demands of spraying a large quantity of powders shortening the production time. The unique design enables the injector easily assembled to the machine only by manual. The injector sleeves is high quality teflon.

3. Powder Coating System Controller

1(1) - 副本1) Voltage can be easily set by buttons from 0-100kv,  the voltage and amperage values will be shown on the digital display for accurate reading.

2) Just press the 3 one-touch buttons, coating mode switches automatically between flat coating, corner coating and recoating.

Flat coating: ideal for flat shape workpieces.

Corner coating: ideal for complex shape parts with deep corners.

Recoating: ideal for repairing coating.

powder coating hose

4. Anti-static Powder Hose

All the parts for the KF powder coating system is best configuration, the powder hose is electric-conductive for anti-static, smoothly convey the powders from the hopper to the gun, results in best powder coating quality.

COLO-800D Powder Coating System Components

1. COLO-800D Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 Light weight manual powder gun with 5m cable

3. 100kv cascade for long lasting work with high transfer efficiency

4. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles with deflectors

5. Fluidizing well-sealed powder coating hopper, 60lbs capacity

6. COLO self-designed owder injectors for smooth and uniform output

7. Flexible trolley with wheels allows to move everywhere

8. Grounded powder hose 5 meters, anti-static material

9. Oil-water separating filter

10. Other installation kit with all connections