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Aluminum Profiles Powder Coating Manual Plant

This powder coating plant is specially designed for manual coating of aluminum profiles, as well as other heavy or large metal parts. The system ensures high requirement coating jobs based on batch production.

Aluminum Profiles Powder Coating Manual Plant

  1. Coss-pull conveying system based on manual operation, allows transporting heavy workparts while reduce labor efforts and saves budgets.

  2. Pass thru powder coating booth allows parts enter the booth from one entrance and exit from the other through conveyors while recieving powder coating from bilateral stations.

  3. Powder coating is by manual spray system, which offers more precise operation that automatic line can not achieve, especially for handling objects in complex shapes.

  4. The powder spray booth configured with double filter stages for highly-efficient powder recovey, as well as ensures cleaning working environment

  5. This powder coating oven designed wth top tracks allows batch conveyed workparts entering for powder curing., which can be heated by electric, gas or diesel as required.

  6. A circulation fan cycles hot air uniformly and keeps even temperature in the chamber. Our powder coating ovens features quck-heating, energy-saving, reducing operating cost and curing more parts everyday.

Aluminum Profiles Powder Coating Manual Plant - Built in South Korea

aluminum profiles powder coating plant

Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Type Pass Thru 
Inner Size L4m x W1.1m x H1.82m
Opening Size W0.5m x H1.82m
Recovery System Filter Cartridge (10pcs)
Fan Motor 4kw, 2sets
Air Flow 5000m^3/h

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Type Gas Curing Oven
Working Dimension Width 1.8m x Height 2.1m x Depth 7m
Gas Burner 300,000 kcal/h, RIELLO brand
Fan Motor 7.5kw, 1 set
Air Flow 8000m^3/h