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Pass Thru Powder Coating Spray Booth

KF-3212 Tunnel powder coating spray booth allows ideal working for long thin work parts, such as window and door frame. With double working station and conveyor design, powder coaters can do an effective job.

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Tunnel Powder Coating Spray Booth for Window, Door Frame

Tunnel powder coating spray booth also called pass through powder booth, means the work parts enter the booth through the overhead conveyor from one side opening to another side, during the movement, the parts are powder sprayed. This powder coating booth is specially suitable for long thin products, such as window frame and door frame.

tunnel powder coating spray booth

Benefits of Tunnel Powder Coating Spray Booth

  • With 2 open working stations at each sides of the booth, for convenient and entire coating 

  • PLC control system, easily set filter cleaning and fan motor working.

  • Maximum utilization of powder, 98% powder recovery rate.

  • Economical manual system to use with manual powder coating machine and curing oven.

  • 3 pcs of cartridge filters feature quick-release type, easy cleaning and fast for color change.

powder coating spray booth

How does the powder coating booth recyle excess powders?

Use a powerful fan motor draw air to the powder booth forming negative pressure in the chamber, which prevents powder escaping outside. During the powder coating, excess powders and airflow pass through the cartridge filters, then clean air is discharged to the atmosphere. The powders accumulate on the cartridge filters, as the pulse-jet filters works by solenoid valve, powders are cleared from the filters and drop to a removable powder collector. Thus the powder utilization reaches high and the filter life is extended.

door frame powder coating booth

KF-3212 Powder Coating Spray Booth Specifications

Mode KF-3212
Type Pass Through Powder Booth
Working Dimension Width620*Depth2920*Height1500mm
Overall Dimension Width1200*Depth3000*Height2030mm
Power Supply Electric
Voltage 220V/380V/410V, can be customized 
Nominal Power 3.5kw
Cartridge Filter Material 100% polyester
Filter Count 3 pcs
Filter Hang Type Quick release
Filter Cleaning System

Detailed Structure of Tunnel Powder Coating Spray Booth

cartridge filters


Kafan powder coating spray booth uses highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, ensure high recycling rate of oversprayed powders.                

The interchangeable filters are easy to replace when changing powder colors. Drawn air filtered through the cartridge filters is clean to be discharged to the atmosphere.          

fan motor

2.Fan Motor                

3.5kw centrifugal fan motor with strong extraction volume powerfully draw air through powder booth filter and ehaust the air back to the atmosphere free of powder particulars.

PLC control panel

3.PLC Electric Controller                 

Reliable and easy operation, the PLC panel allows users to stop and start fan motor, set working times of solenoid valves which controls the filter cleaning, also has powder collector lifting switch and emergency stop switch, 

Overhead Tunnel and Light

4.Overhead Tunnel and Light

Customer can make conveyor by themsevles or we provide conveyor solution. The upper light helps powder coaters do the job clearly.              

powder collector

5. Powder Collector

Removable powder collector holds oversprayed powders and can be taken out for powder secondly use.


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