Industrial Powder Coating Plants, Metal Coating Lines
Offering Powder Coating Line Service of Custom-Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and Ongoing Support
Plant 1: Manual Batch Powder Coating Plant
Application: Specially designed for manual coating of long length workparts in batches, but not quite heavy.
1) The pass thru spray booth allows longer workparts enters from one opening and exit to another
2) Powder coating is by manual powder spray system, which offers more precise operation, 
3) The coated workparts will be manually moved to the curing oven trolley. A big batch of parts on the trolley will be put into the powder coating oven for curing process.
Benefits: Space-saving, Cost-Saving, 
Plant 2: Manual Powder Coating Line with Overhead Rail
Application: Specially suitable for long length, heavy, big shape workparts, especially for aluminium profiles, which requires precise manual coating with limited bugdet.
1) Heavy workparts movement is assited by overhead rails pulled by operation, which reduces labor efforts.
2)Pass thru powder coating booth allows parts enter the booth from one entrance and exit from the other through rail system. 
3) Powder coating is by manual powder spray system. 
4) A batch of workparts will be trasported to the powder curing oven through rails.
Benefits: Space-saving, Cost-Saving, Effort-Saving,