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Powder coating motorcycle parts, alloy wheels

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Powder coating motorcycle parts, alloy wheels

With quality powder coating equipment can completely renovate and establish all your vehicle accessories, such as motorcycle parts, bike frames, alloy wheels, car rims in new look and high performance. 

How to powder coat motorcycle parts? 

First the motorcycles should be sandblasted for a pretreatment process, in order to remove rust, contaminants and imperfections. Thus improve the adhesion of coating coverage and there will be no powder coating defects. 

Using a powder coating gun spraying powders on the metal surface, the kafan powder coating equipment is intelligent and effective to coat any shape of parts, whether flat panels or irregular angles, bends, corners. The powder coating job is done in a powder recovery booth for environmental protection and powder saving purpose. The drawn air to the booth is filtered then discharged outside, the oversprayed powders is recycled to the powder collector for further use. 

After powder spray, the parts will be put into a powder coating oven which heat work parts(150-200’C), making the coated powders melting, leveling and curing, to form a solid covering film. 

Why powder coating motorcycle parts

The motorcycle parts processed by powder coating appears elegant and well-functional, more durable and wear-resistant.  Wet painting products is easily to get scratch and corrosion, more of all, not environmental friendly, that's why more and more people choose choose powder coating. 

Applicating a sand blast cabinet, powder coat gun, powder spray booth, powder curing oven, you can get perfect powder coated products.


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