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COLO-800DT-H Small Powder Coating Equipment

COLO-800DT-H Small powder coating system with 10lbs hopper, allows for small business jobs or lab testing uses.
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COLO-800DT-H Small Powder Coating Equipment

This small powder coating equipment with 10lbs powder hopper is ideal for users who have to apply small scale continuous production. Low investment costs make this equipment an economical selection. This equipment with intelligent functions and excellent performance ensures great powder coating efficiency.

COLO-800 powder coating system

COLO-800D Powder Coating Machine Spare Parts

1. Manual Powder Spray Gun

pwoder spray gun

COLO-08 Manual powder gun with unique ergonomic design, lightweight to reduce operator's fatigue  But powerful for long lasting use and great powder-savings.

1) Built-in 100kv high voltage cascade.

2) Quality material and non-stick of powders.

3) Flat nozzles and round nozzles optimize the application.

COLO-08 powder pump

2.Powder Coating Injector

COLO powder injector meets the demands of spraying a large quantity of powders shortening the production time. The unique design enables the injector easily assembled to the machine only by manual. The injector sleeves is high quality teflon.

3. Powder Coating System Controller

COLO-800D Intelligent Controller

0-100kv digitally adjustable for voltage, easy regulation of conveying and dosing air by pressure valves

This intelligent controller incorperates 3  One-touch Operation Buttons - which stands for 3 pre-set application programs: flat-shape coating, corner coating and recoating jobs.

Just press the one-touch intelligent buttons, tt is convenient and swift to change the shape for coating. It is a great convenience for beginner who are short of knowledge of parameter setting.

4.10 lbs Fluidized  Powder Coating Hopper

portable powder hopper

1. Recommended for hobby or home use, powder manufacturer testing job, or laboratory education, etc.

2. Fluidizing-plate based powder hopper ensures constant and smooth powder flow for better finish quality.

3. Easy to disassemble without any tools, quick for cleaning and color change.

COLO-800D Powder Coating System Components

1. COLO-800D Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 Manual powder gun corona type with 5m cable

3. 100kv cascade for powderful and long lasting work

4. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles, extension nozzles.

5. Fluidizing well-sealed powder coating hopper, 10 lbs capacity

6. High quality powder injectors for smooth and uniform output

7. Grounded powder hose 5 meters, anti-static material

8. Oil-water separating filter

9. Other Installation kit and connections

COLO-800D Powder Coating Equipment Technical Data

Electrical Data
Power range
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Powder Gun
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