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COLO-191S-V Quick Color Change Powder Coating Machine

Precision control of current and voltage Accurate and repeatable settings of the powder output Offers 3 pre-set modes for beginners Allows create and save 20 personalized programs
  • COLO-191S
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Quick Color Change Powder Coating Machine

This quick color change powder coating equipment suitable for workpieces that need to be coating with multiple colors, greatly improving your productivity.

The precise application and intuitive handing of COLO-191S in gun control technology, delivers excellent coating quality for high requirement industrial use.

Digital controller can simply accessed and directly controlled all processing parameters (kv, charging current, powder ouptput, atomizing air),both beginners and experts can operate very well.

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Excellent Features of COLO-191S Controller

  • This machine applies digital control valve technology for fast and precise adjustment that ensures what you set at the controller comes out of the gun.

  • There are 3 one-touch intelligent buttons which stands for 3 pre-set application programs: panel coating, corner coaring and recoating, giving easy access to powder coating beginners.

  • Allows experienced users create and store a library of personalized programs which are optimized for their parts and powders.

  • Thanks to the DVC technology it allows precise and repeatable regulations of the conveying and supplementary air to the injector,  which are very important to achieve stable powder output and unifrom coating results.

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COLO-08 Electrostatic Spray Gun

  • Long-lasting 100kv spray gun maximizes the electrostatic charging capacity, provides high transfer efficiency and saves materials.

  • Remote control of changing powder flow and application programs on the back cover, fast and easy.

  • Lightweight spray gun with ergonomic design tends to reduce operator's fatigue after long time use.

  • Comes with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize your spray effect, including flat,  round spray nozzles with different size deflectors, and extension nozzles.

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Technical data of Powder Coating Machine CL-191S-B

Electrical data

Mains input voltage  100-240 VAC

Operating frequency  50-60 Hz

Input power 50W

Nominal output voltage (to the gun)  max. 16 V

Nominal output current (to the gun)  max. 1 A

Ambient temperature range  0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F)

Approvals  CE

Pneumatical data

Max. input pressure  10 bar / 145 psi

Min. input pressure (while unit in operation)  6 bar / 87 psi

Max. water vapor content of the compressed air 1.3 g/m³

Max. oil vapor content of the compressed air  0.1 mg/m³