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Automatic Powder Coating Equipment for High Production

Including automatic powder gun, controller cabinet and reciprocator, this automatic coating equipment package is applied in the production line for effective and quality powder coating, Replacing manual jobs, this package meets the demands of large-scale output.
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Automatic Powder Coating Equipment - Automatic Application Guns & Comtroller & Reciprocator

Automatic powder coating equipments applied in automatic powder coating line, meet the demands of large scale production. Replace manual coating job, automatic spray system provides better uniformity and ensures quality consistency, which is obviously cost-saving for the long term.

auto powder coating system

Automatic Powder Coating Gun

Intelligent K2 powder coating gun can easily penetrate hard-to-reach corners, whose high transfer efficiency builds high coverage and is a great saving of powders. With pre-set functions and personalized application programs

Automatic Gun Controller Cabinet

Combination of a certain quanlity of automatic powder guns, meet the requirements of serial production, ensures reliability and controllability in the automatic powder coating line. The number of installed units can be made as you required

Powder Coating Reciprocator

Frequency adjustable PLC controlled powder coating reciprocator gives gentle and presion motion. Can carry 2-12 pcs automatic guns to achieves a certain productivity. User-friendly touch screen is easy and accurate to set parameters

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment in Customer's production line

Kafan powder coating system provides automation, efficiency, economy, fast color change and great powder savings.

automatic powder coating