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Aluminum Profile Powder Coating Equipment Application

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Aluminum Profile Powder Coating Equipment Application

Powder Coating or Liquid Painting Aluminum Profile?

Cost-less Surface Finishing Process: Whether from coating material, labor, environmental factors or working efficiency, powder coating process is superior to liquid painting.

  • Powder does not generate harmful solvent or gas, it avoids the expense associated with sewage management.

  • Equip with powder recovery booth, the utilization of powders can be very high, it is a great saving of coating material

  • Easy operation and less training of powder coaters. Can set automatic production line to reduce manpower.

Powder coating offers many advantages over other finishes including;

  • A wide range of decorative finishes for metal can be achieves by using different types of powders  including metallic, glossy, clear and textured, etc.

  • Powder coating can be applied to most metal materials including steel, zinc, brass and aluminium, etc.

  • Common industry application, such as: windows, doors, home and office furniture, vehicle parts, electronics, machinery accessories, etc.

  • The durable finish provides a surface finish which is less prone to chipping, marking and scratching and rusting.

  • Powder coating can be applied to components used internally and externally, reaching to any corners of the products.

How powder coat aluminum profile?

  • Choose powders

The choice usually comes down to using the product indoors or outdoors. Indoors is usually Epoxy/Polyester and Outdoors is usually Polyester

  • Pre-treatment Process

Aims to remove rust, contaminants, imperfections of the metal surface, improve adhesion and mechanical properties. Chemical Pretreatment: concrete/stainless steel tank with chemicals solvent.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating

Uses electrostatic powder coating gun to produce a negatively charged particle of powder by adding electrons to the grounded metal surface. This is the main type used in the industry of powder coating.

  • Powder Recovery

The powder spraying process is done at a powder coat booth, for the purpose of powder recycling 

  • Power Curing

The coated aluminum profile is pushed to a curing oven, the coated film will melt to be a solid powder coating film cover the surface.

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